Sunday, October 26, 2008

Face to Face with G-d

On the way to Shabbat services Friday night, David turned to me and said, "When you look at Ezra's photo, it's like looking at the face of G-d." "Yes," I said, "isn't that the point?"

For a Jew and an adopted Jew, neither of whom believe in an anthropomorphic G-d, this might seem like a strange assertion. And yet I believe G-d, or some universal power, is expressed in all of us, and since Ezra left us, I have never been so convinced of this. Losing Ezra has challenged my faith in so many things, and yet it has renewed my faith in people. Each night of shiva, as our house was packed with people, our friends and family, but also colleagues, acquaintances, members of our synagogue previously unknown to us, I came to understand the true meaning of compassion and of community.


Gal aka SuperMommy said...

Beautiful... I can't get over how serene his sweet face is. I love that his photo is there, and that you added yours too. Beautiful.

Jeanmarie said...

Sarah, thank you for sharing this with me. Ezra is so incredibly beautiful.

-- Jeanmarie