Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Magical Walk

We've just returned from walking in the woods of Wissahickon Park
One of my favorite places in Philadelphia
Because it feels as un-citylike as you can imagine
So far removed from the cars and the people and the buildings
A wooded wonderland.

We planned today's hike earlier this week
When I was feeling so stifled
by hard work, cold weather
Cramped and disappointed in my new sad life
That holds so little of what I expected it would.
Despite the cold, I knew I needed to be freed
To breath the crisp air and exert myself
And so we bundled up
And headed to the woods.

Just a little ways into the walk
I realized our lost babies had joined us!
I saw Lev in the flow of the river
Kai in the snow banks along its sides
Sam in the tall branches of the trees
and George in the early buds of the bushes
Tikva in the birds floating through the sky
and Hope in the gentle breeze.
And so many others...Silas, Hannah, Baby Boy Bereston and many more...
in the glint of the sun through the trees
...all of Ezra's spirit baby friends.

And Ezra
Ezra was everywhere...
In the squish of the mud beneath our boots
And the icicles coming off the rocks
In the blue green color of the creek
And the leaves still clinging to the trees

As our babies entered my awareness
And I took in the beauty around us
My heart filled with love
For Ezra
For all our babies
And for my community of babylost parents
Who has helped me see beauty
When it seemed like there was none.


Dani819 said...

Thank you, Sarah. I needed to hear this today. So glad you felt Ezra and all of us with you to give you peace.

Hope's Mama said...

Lots of tears today Sarah reading this. I'm going outside now to look for beauty, and look for our babies.

Carly said...

What an incredible walk Sarah. I am so happy that you were able to have this special time. I think it is just amazing that our babies come to meet us.... what a beautiful thing.

Wishing peace for your heart

Carly x

Gal aka SuperMommy said...

This is gorgeous, Sarah. The park looks amazing, too. I love the thought of Ezra in the mud squishing beneath your boots... I can just feel and hear him there. I saw a hawk today and thought, "There's Tikva." Then I saw her again in a flock of pigeons, a handful of crows, and some seagulls coasting on the breeze. They are everywhere when we are open...

Barbara said...

Oh how lovely.

I'm so glad George and all our babies came with you and Ezra on your walk.

"George in the early buds of the bushes" I see him there too!


Lani said...

so beautiful sarah. thank you for that. i'm glad to be back reading right now, i love the imagery. i love the thought of all our babies a part of what is so beautiful about life.
it was so nice chatting with you today. xo lots of love

CLC said...

That is one of my favorite places too and my husband and I go there whenever we can. I love that you saw Ezra and all of his little friends all around you. Thank you for sharing that with us.

aliza said...

i'm sitting here in tears. thank you. i picturing you walking in this beautiful park with all our babies spirits around you. how magical.