Monday, March 23, 2009

Kai's Mommy & Daddy

There was another part of our journey to visit my niece that I wanted to save for a separate post. On the way back, we had lunch with Kai's mommy and daddy, the lovely and fabulous Danielle (who still very much needs a blog) and her equally fabulous husband Alan. Over the past several months, Danielle and I have poured our hearts out over email, in the way only babylost mamas can, and in February we finally met in person. I love her dearly, so it is no surprise that the four of us had much to talk about. Kai has such amazing parents! I wish so deeply that Kai were still safe in his mommy's belly where he belongs.

I still can't imagine surviving this journey without the love and support of Danielle and all the other amazing online babylost mamas!


Lea said...

So nice you got to meet Danielle in person... I'm happy for you.


Carly Marie said...


I am so, so happy that you and Danielle and your two beautiful men all got to meet. I wish I lived an ocean closer so that I could come out and meet some of my lovely new friends.

Danielle is the sweetest :)


aliza said...

so glad the 4 of you got to spend time together. i too wish i was closer and could hug you in person.
ps was hoping to see a photo of the fabulous and famous danielle

Barbara said...

I am totally and utterly jealous that you guys live on the same continent!

And I'm so incredibly pleased that you got together again!

(Let's start the "Get Danielle blogging" campaign!)


Hope's Mama said...

yes yes, pictures of Dani819 please!
So glad you two had another wonderful time please.
And Dani - hurry up with that blog already.

Rach said...

How great for you! I wish we all lived in the same town...

And although I don't know Dani, I do read her comments on other blogs and really hope that she starts a blog of her own.

Dani819 said...

Aww- love you, too! Thanks for being the highlight of our weekend- and of so many of my other days, too.

Cara said...

I am looking forward to those connections happening irl. Glad you got to meet.

k@lakly said...

I have no idea who or where I'd be without the support of the db moms I have come to know in the place we all roam, dbland...
I'm so glad you all got to meet. Jealous in fact:)