Friday, March 20, 2009

Remembering Bianca

Ezra's daddy's friend Bill is remembering his sweet daughter Bianca this week, her 23rd birthday. He wrote a beautiful remembrance of her here.
Thank you Bill, for sharing your sweet Bianca with us. We know she is very loved and very missed.


Hope's Mama said...

Bill, if you read this, we will always remember Bianca with you. We, of the underground, walk beside you in your grief.
Sally, newly bereaved mother in Australia

Rach said...

For Bill, we are remembering Bianca.

We also 'entered a world we had not known existed.' But in this world I have found the most amazing people - wonderful new friends. We are here, with you.

Rachael, Sydney, Australia

angie said...

We are remembering Bianca with you.
Philadelphia, PA

Dani819 said...


Remembering Bianca and thinking of you on these important days.

New York

Lani said...

what a beautifully written article about one of the saddest and most unfair things to happen in life. we are only 6 months past the loss of our beautiful Silas and it hurts so badly. i'm glad we have this community to share our pain with.
i'm thinking of you and Bianca and your family today.

Dalene said...

That's a beautiful tribute by a father to his daughter. I like how he describes the underground world of babyloss.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I am honoured to remember Bianca with you. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Monique, Winnipeg, Canada.

aliza said...

thank you bill (and sarah & david) for sharing this honest post in the memory of your beloved bianca. i'll keep her in my heart always.

many of your words resonated with i too have found this underground world i'm now so grateful for and also your words about this society being so uncomfortable and intolerant of grief and sadness.

sending you and your family love