Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19th

Today is the birthday of two people who are very precious to me.

The first is the lovely and magnificent Danielle, mama to sweet baby Kai. Danielle and I have connected soul to soul on this horrible journey without our babies, and I absolutely can't imagine surviving it without her. She is one of the few true gifts to come out of this unbelievably dreadful year. I wish her a gentle day and a new year where dreams blossom.

The second is sweet baby Hope, beloved daughter of Sally and Simon, who on this day last year, slipped silently into the world. Sally and I found each other early on this journey, and she has been a true friend, despite the amazing distance between Philadelphia and Australia, both on this journey of grief, but also on the journey of our subsequent pregnancies. I will remember and miss Hope always. I hope this day brings peace.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both those beauties.

Dani819 said...

Thank you, sweetie- for your birthday wishes and for the amazing gift of your friendship.

I will be remembering Hope Angel all day today- and every year on our birthday.

Akul's mama said...

Happy birthday to both

Hope's Mama said...

Love you heaps, Sarah. Thank you so, so much.