Saturday, August 8, 2009

Samuel Marc

Today I am remembering Samuel Marc, handsome son to Monique and Norm. Wishing Sam's first birthday were so very different for his beautiful parents.

I wish so deeply that Monique and I never had to meet. That we didn't lose our firstborn sons to stillbirth within weeks of each other. That there wasn't something so eerily familiar about her post on an online babyloss board that made me feel compelled to reach out and meet her. That we didn't pour out our despair and anger in reams of emails and calls in the weeks and months that followed. I wish we didn't share this bond of having had sons who got away.

And yet I cannot for one minute imagine surviving this journey if it weren't for Monique. She is a true friend, a sister in this disorienting world of babyloss. I love her dearly and I will remember sweet baby Sam forever and always.


Hope's Mama said...

I can't imagine having survived this without either of you - and so many others. Thinking of Monique and Norm today, remembering sweet baby Sam.

Mirne said...

Thinking of Sam and his parents today.

Rach said...

Thinking of my friends far away and especially of Monique and Norm and of their darling Sam. Wishing that this was all different. But thankful that I have found you all. xxx

Anonymous said...

Ah, I feel so loved today. Thanks, Sarah. Love you lots.